Pejman Tadayon Ensemble


music, dance and Sufi poetry






Pejman Tadayon Sufi Ensemble is the first Italian project that merges three disciplines (music, dance and poetry) to better expressing the essence of Sufism, from an artistic point of view. The project was born in March 2013, it performed the first four concerts at the “Auditorium Parco della Musica” in Rome and it aims to emphasize the beauty and vastness of the Persian musical tradition, bringing it to the contemporary listeners. The ensemble starts from the verses of the most important representatives of Sufism, melting the verses in their original language with a mix of rhythms and sounds. In fact, the project counts on various artists whose formation has been influenced by different musical styles, like ethno-world, rock, funk, jazz, pop, classical music. The largest band brings together eight musicians and ten dancers to offer the most extensive and spectacular experience. Since 2013, the project have participated to the most important Italian musical events, like the 2013 and 2014 editions of “Luglio suona bene”, the prestigious event sponsored by the “Auditorium Parco della Musica” in Rome.

Founded and directed by Persian musician and composer Pejman Tadayon, the ensemble offers an alchemy of sounds, choreographies and lyrics, inspired by the life and works of the great Sufi mystics. The lyrics emphasize the spiritual quest and closeness to the divine, keeping the beauty and sacredness of the poems of Jalaluddin Rumi, Hafez and Omar Khayyam in the original language. The Persian traditional instruments (setar, ney, tar, oud, santur, tombak, daf) mark each sound and the choreographies of the female corps de ballet evoke the Mevlevi Sema of the whirling dervishes and the art of the ancient Persian dance.

Combining the vast musical heritage of the Persian tradition with contemporary rhythms and sounds, the Pejman Tadayon Sufi Ensemble spreads a universal message of peace and harmony, following the practice of Sufi Confraternities to encourage the cultural exchange between different religious and ethnic groups. The intent of this large-scale project is to symbolize the delicate harmony of the Cosmos and the valuable interaction between the human and the divine, through the fusion of complementary forms of expression.








Pejman Tadayon
Martina Pelosi
Simone Pulvano (il puro)
Massimiliano Barbaliscia (Masantur)
Carlo Cossu
Alessio Artoni (Bansurino)
Paolo Di Marco
Fabiano Giovannelli (Il genio)
Silvia Layla







PEJMAN TADAYON: oud, setar, lead vocals.


Musician, composer and painter, Pejman Tadayon was born in Esfahan (Iran) in 1977. He began to study the ancient persian musical repertoire (Radif) and the traditional instruments (tar and setar) his mentors were Kamran Keyvan, Mohammed Reza Lotfi and Behrooz Hemmati. After a long series of concerts in Iran, he moved to Italy, where he worked with the group of traditional Persian music Sarawan and worked with important artists as Mauro Pagani, Massimo Ranieri, Patty Pravo, Andrea Moricone, Andrea Parodi, Paolo Vivaldi, Moni Ovadia, Eleonora Abbagnato, Silvio Orlando and Maurizio Scaparro. In 2013 he founded the Pejman Tadayon Ensemble, a project dedicated to spirituality and Sufism, with which published the album Universal Sufi music. Teaches oud, tar, setar and the theory of oriental music







MARTINA PELOSI: lead vocals, harmonium.


Since 2005 she plays an intense activities such as singing teacher at various schools of modern music. In 2004, approaching the oriental music, especially the Indian and Persian. She has deepened the study of Persian music and singing with the Masters Pejman Tadayon and Mohssen Kasirossafar. In 2008 she studied in Iran with the Master Mansour A'zamikia.








SIMONE PULVANO: percussions.


He approached the study of the Arab world percussion (darbuka, riq, sagat, bendir, etc.) under the leadership of Egyptian percussionist Mohammed Abdalla. He has subsequently deepened their knowledge through workshops and seminars with internationally renowned musicians and performing several trips to the Middle East and North Africa. He has collaborated with major artists, including Nour Eddine and the musician and composer Moroccan Jamal Ouassini.








He studied piano at the Popular School of Music of Testaccio, in Rome, with the Masters Andrea Benevento, Riccardo Fassi and Stefano Sabatino. He was influenced by a wide range of musical style from jazz to funk to pop. Encounter with Pejman Tadayon the passion for traditional Persian music and the decision to undertake the study of the santur.







CARLO COSSU: kamanche, violin.


He studied classical violin and viola. Since 1986, he devoted himself to the study and practice of improvisation, both in Western and Eastern Europe (in particular, the study of modal systems greek, Arabic and Persian). At the same time, practice the study of some traditional instruments such as the bouzouki greek, the Australian didgeridoo, the Indian dilruba and the turkish ney.

He has worked with Teresa de Sio and numerous configurations of the landscape ethno-world Italian.







ALESSIO ARTONI: flutes, bansuri.


After taking part in several projects in the Rock and Folk, undertakes research on the musical traditions of the Mediterranean, with particular attention to the musical culture of the Jews. He studied flute Bansuri and Indian Music in India with the Masters Pandit Ragendra Prasanna and Rakesh Prasanna









Musician, arranger and audio engineer. He approached various musical genres, including jazz, latin and world music. In 2007 took part in the making of the album "Consciousness" by Saverio Pietropaolo. Here are several collaborations with Italian and international artists.










Drummer and percussionist. His musical education is split up into various genres: R & B, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Pop, Rock, World Music.

He collaborates with several bands in the national and international levels.











Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She studied modern dance. Since 2002, she deepened the study of oriental dance. She has attended seminars with Egyptian and Persian artists of international renown. She took part in several theatrical performances and other dance festival.










Dancer, teacher and choreographer of belly dance and Arabian Folk. She studied with masters of national and international reputation. She graduated in classical Egyptian oriental dance. She collaborates with various bands as a dancer.











Dancer, teacher and choreographer. She studied with internationally acclaimed masters Raqs Sharqi, Tribal Fusion and Persian dances. She has danced in several theatrical performances and participated in television programs. She won national and world competitions.